Communicating well and creatively is one of the most effective tools in the business strategy of winning and maintaining clients in any field. Today, social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main channels of information, surpassing the traditional media. Therefore, every day companies realize the importance of being present in the digital world.

If we talk about numbers, the feeling that we need to invest in social media becomes even more latent. People are more connected than ever before and turn to networks to find out about news, brands, restaurants, books, hotels, services and everything else they want. In the networks, they make critics and compliments, and the differentiated service always leaves a good impression. After all, today’s networks are the business cards of companies and no one wants a messy “card” or that leaves the public unanswered.

More than 50% of people use mobile phones to access the internet, and social networks are more in demand than websites, for example. So it’s time to invest and professionalize your networks. That’s right, do not just create a profile, you need to have a visual identity and keep the pages up to date. We’ve listed five reasons for you to invest in social media and keep your business always online.

1. Approach and interaction with the public

Social networks are there to bring you closer to your audience and to help your business win new customers. The interactivity can be less formal and lighter, without its brand is decharacterized, refers to a relationship between the brand and the customer. For this, you need to create more humanized posts that contain and “sell” stories, concepts and feelings that your brand awakens. Companies are not just brands, they are people, and it is with them that you have to relate so that your product or service has more visibility and, of course, sales increase and your brand becomes more and more known.

2. Interaction

Working with emotion, humanizing the brand and showing the customer how important it is to the company is essential. With creativity and good planning the media can be used to arouse interest, curiosity, and draw the public’s attention. Campaigns, polls, promotions, and other fun and laid-back actions can be done to increase customer engagement and participation.

3. Practicality & Functionalities

The internet brings your business closer to the public, since communication is faster and, in some cases, immediate. The customer feels valued with an efficient and personalized feedback to their doubts, critics or compliments. In addition, it is the public and the interaction with it that shows what is good and should improve on the services provided or products offered by your business.

4. Spontaneous Media

Brands that know how to use social networks well conquer allies and guarantee spontaneous media, that is, advertise or advertise your brand without having to pay for ads. That’s because, satisfied customers divulge the brand and speak positively about their experiences, and that’s what is the differential, because people want to live the new, participate, be part of the story. Your client is your best advertisement.

5. Cost Benefit

The possibility of lighter, agile conversation over social networks saves time and money, and shows the customer that there is a qualified team to serve you. For your company to be in the networks you do not have to pay a penny, since access to the networks is free. However, as the pages are your business card investing in a well trained team that is responsible for creating content and managing the fan page is a win for the company. This is the kind of worthwhile investment because if the strategy is well executed it can generate financial results and strengthen the brand.

Here are some numbers and data that show the importance of being present on the internet and why it is essential to invest in social media.

  • In 2016, online advertising will reach $ 76 billion, beating TV that will get $ 72 billion.
  • 55% of companies will keep investing in digital marketing this year. 39% will increase and only 6% will reduce.
  • By 2019, videos will account for 69% of online traffic. By 2021 that number should rise to 80%.
  • Videos are the most accessed mode on the Internet consuming more than 50,000 petabytes per month.
  • 200 million users share 9,000 photos per second.

75% of young people do not read when websites have texts and photos. This number goes up to 96% when it’s just text.
The new generation likes real experiences with real people. Therefore, proximity is fundamental and for this your business has to be on the internet. Bet on this tool and a qualified team and wait for the results, which will not be long in coming.