A unique and extremely high quality content is one of the “secrets” to getting a good position with Google, making your online store is different from the majority that exists there, in which, most of the time, products have the standard description that the manufacturer itself offers.

Unique Content and Value

When you produce content of value, the user accessing your e-commerce has a better perception and understanding of the product you want to acquire and Google recognises your work by valuing your site in search results.

So do not make the mistake of simply copying the competitor’s content or putting in your e-commerce that ready content, which is already offered by the person who manufactured the product. Innovate, create and aggregate relevant information.

In 2010, Google updated its search algorithm and, on that occasion, launched an update called Google Panda. This update came to “tear down” all sites that did not have unique and valuable content, or sites that had poor content. At that time, many people saw their organic visits fall to very low levels.

How to begin?

We all have a different interpretation of a certain content. From this idea, you can read, reread, understand and create new content, based on the text of the product, which is available from manufacturers. This will allow you to create new and unique content.

The best way to start creating your own content for the products of your e-commerce, is through those products that are the best selling or else those you want to sell more. List what your TOP 50 products are and start with them. Yes, it will take time to do this whole process, but it will be worth it. If you adopt this method, added to the personalized inclusion of new products, that is, any new product launched in your virtual store, you should already have a unique and well written content, over the months, you have updated your e-commerce by complete.

From the moment you enrich the content of products, the user who accesses your e-commerce will have much richer information at the time of purchase decision. This will bring excellent results in the medium and long term.

Shopping guides

Produce shopping guides to help people accessing your online store. Here in Mestre, we have created several guides for users. An example that we can cite, was the shopping guide created on which was the best TV for your room. In this guide, people chose the TV according to the distance between the sofa and the device. The idea was super well accepted and collaborated to increase sales of e-commerce.

To create your buying guides, list what are the top questions people have about a particular product. Access, for example, the Mercado Mercado website and see what questions people ask. Collect all this information and set up a guide. You can also consult your service team (call center and online chat) to see what are the most frequently asked questions and key product questions.


Ask for testimonials for people who have already purchased the products that you sell in their online store. Do a satisfaction survey and find out what they found of the product. Moderate the comments and display these testimonials on your page. Reviews, in addition to enriching the product page, help other people make the decision to buy.