Turning away customers is a pretty bad tactic for any kind of business. If you do not work with a responsive website, you need to know that you’re sending the audience away.

The use of smartphones and other mobile devices to connect to the internet is no longer a secondary thing. These devices are already responsible for most of the web access in Brazil, bypassing the computer. Therefore, it does not make sense to have a website that does not function properly in these situations.

A responsive website is able to display all the elements of a website correctly, no matter the device used to access it. It is not about building a new website to be displayed on the mobile: the same material adapts depending on the needs of what is used. Still not convinced? So let’s go!

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Responsive Website for Your Business

1. More public

It’s not hard to see the connection: making your site more accessible makes more people get access to it. Restricting access by not having a responsive site impairs the ability of a good part of the public to know your products and services.

Your goal should always be to take the name of your brand to more and more people, so remember that benefit.

2. More visibility

You sure know the importance of SEO to gain positions of visibility among Google results. But did you know that having a responsive site is something that also helps in that?

The purpose of search engines is always to offer the best possible content to the public and a site that does not work well on mobile phones does not fit this classification.

3. More sales

Every business has a lot to gain from having new ways to sell and a responsive website is the perfect way to do that. Buying by cell phone is something that brings more convenience and manages to increase your sales considerably.

According to research in the area, 80% of people use the smartphone for this. Therefore, having a responsive website is essential to sell more.

4. More efficiency

Before the popularization of responsiveness, it was common to see sites with two versions: conventional and mobile. This doubled his efforts, since he had to dedicate himself to two sites instead of one.

In the case of a responsive site, you only need to take care of one, since it can adapt to multiple conditions using the same content as a base.

5. More quality

A good experience is essential for a company to succeed, no matter the market of it. With more competition in all segments, people are free to prioritize those brands that give them better experiences.

A responsive site is a step in that direction as it eliminates any difficulties that may prevent your audience from doing what you want.

A responsive website is a very efficient way to deliver a much more quality experience to your audience. The direct consequence of this is more success for your company: sales, visibility and strengthening for the brand. But to count on all these benefits, be sure to carefully analyze your audience’s behavior and always adapt to detect unmet needs.

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