There are tools that can help you recover those old pages and content. Know the ones we use here!

Wayback Machine

Get to know the formidable tool called Wayback Machine, the tool to go back in time. She has, for example, old versions of even Master, from the time that we were Master SEO. It saves several page histories and you can see what content you presented in back there.

This causes you to be able to, for example, resurrect a lost blog post, an e-commerce session that was deleted before you arrived, or a site that you had old, and remember that there were several articles that you lost and did not knows how to recover. So, it’s a great tool for doing that sort of thing. The importance of having tools like this is precisely for you to get back in time, find out what existed, better understand and even recover data.


Another tool that we know and motivated this post is Stillio. It is meant to help you do page tracking, you pay for it, it’s not the same as the Wayback Machine that is free. You give the URLs and determine that every time there is a change the platform saves a version. You can turn on the alert too. This is important first to keep the company’s stock and second to monitor competitors.

You can simply monitor your competitor’s home, part service, blog to know when he publishes a new article and everything. And you can even track a person’s Google results page or YouTube video channel.

So this tool is great for you to take a picture of any page on the WEB and make the comparison. Simply: something has changed so I keep this copy and send you a notification.

Remember, you can create a file from your own company or you can do an X-ray view of what your competitor is changing. If he changes a phrase the tool will pick up, if changing an image will pick up, if you change anything you will know.

Page Monitor

Finally, it has a really cool tool for Chrome that does the same thing as Stillio, it’s free, but it uses its Chrome for it, called Page Monitor. It is an extension of Chrome.

You install and every time you have a change, it shows you that page has changed, only that it depends on your internet connection. So if you leave the computer closed for too long, it will not automatically do the same as Stillio and will not create a collection for you at all.

But it’s cool to monitor a portion of Google’s bottom line, to monitor the competitor. So, Page Monitor is a very interesting tool for Chrome, just to keep an eye on you and when something happens, to know.

If you know of another tool that does it in a similar way or that you find interesting, leave the comments we want to know as well. We hope you enjoyed it.