There are already more than 3 billion people connected to the Internet worldwide. And in Brazil, the ratio is similar: with 120 million people connected, we are behind only the United States, India and China.

That’s why Digital Marketing, the set of strategies aimed at promoting a company on the internet, has become increasingly essential for businesses that want to attract customers.

If you are still not convinced, check out this post 5 reasons why it is worth investing in Digital Marketing.

1. To be found more easily

Perhaps you have heard that the buying decision is increasingly in the hands of the consumer. And it’s true. Having access to reviews, reviews and other information about products and services before investing money in them has never been easier.

This information is no longer accessible only to the company and the sellers, and it is common for people to come to a store, for example, knowing everything about the product they want to buy.

But if you do not show up on Google, in email, on social networks, how do you want to be found during this search of the interested people?

With Digital Marketing, it is possible to have a relevant presence on the internet, which makes it easier for you to be found on these and other channels.

2. To become a reference in your market

Not always, however, people are looking for information about specific products or services. Sometimes they do not even know exactly what they need.

They want, first and foremost, to solve problems, and the product or service is only the final step in that process.

So do not just talk about your business on the internet: you need to create value for your audience and answer questions they have before you even know about your solution.

For this, one of the techniques used within Digital Marketing is Content Marketing, which consists of producing materials to educate, inform or entertain a future client.

The idea is to inform people so that in the future they not only respect your brand and have it as a reference, but also become customers of your company.

3. To better target your audience

Another feature of Digital Marketing is the ability to segment your campaigns, targeting them to your target audience.

This helps, to save money, because targeting the right people is much easier to get return.

Unlike Offline Marketing, where it is often impossible to pinpoint exactly which audience you are talking to, Digital Marketing allows a much more accurate targeting level of your audience.

This is because it is much easier to monitor the activity of users on the Internet, their consumption habits, their personal preferences and tastes, their professional trajectory, etc. That way, you can target very specifically the people to whom you want to advertise a product, service or content.

This allows you to further customize your Marketing actions and campaigns. For example, if you’ve targeted your actions to small-market owners, you can make ads and campaigns that address specific questions and pains in that segment. As a result, your audience will be much more identified with your actions, so the results tend to be very best.

4. Analise the results with ease

What, then, is the advantage of knowing, in real time, how actions are received by the public? It is possible to get statistics shortly after the campaigns are launched and analyze their performances, that is, whether or not they have been successful, and thereby promote the necessary changes.

Digital Marketing allows you to determine with much more precision who your audience is and what your tastes and preferences are. In the same way, we were able to monitor the results of the actions with the same precision.

For example, while the person who makes an advertisement on the open television about a product is much more difficult to see clearly how profitable an investment in the ad was, Digital Marketing allows you to know exactly what is coming back and if that return is able to pay the initial investment.

In this aspect, tools like Google Analytics help a lot when measuring the smallest details of the results of Digital Marketing strategies.

5. To invest according to your budget

Over time, the price to do offline marketing has gotten too high; television, radio, and print ads are expensive, and if the high price is not enough, the ability to clearly see if that investment is making sense is quite limited.

Digital Marketing, while requiring a minimum of investment, can be much cheaper than marketing offline. No wonder, online marketing strategies today occupy a large part of the marketing strategies of many large companies.

And then, convinced that it’s worth in.